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We have available quality silver lab puppies.  Please see Available Puppies Page for more info. The silver lab pups have excellent hunting backgrounds and the parents have wonderful temperaments.  We offer family raised (spoiled) puppies from show quality parents to families. We believe all dogs are friends, and are entitled to be a member of a family. We do not believe in kennels, and think there are more fair and humane ways to breed and raise dogs. While the puppies are being raised in a family environment they are spoiled with love, TLC and lots of attention. All of the parents of the puppies are beautiful, show quality, pick of the litter, dogs with great temperaments, personalities and conformations. We are proud to offer their puppies to the public and appreciate every family that welcomes our puppies into their home and family. Please consider us, our humane way of breeding, and one of our puppies as a new member to your family. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at or 215-209-9561


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